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Splash Page Protection

  • Protects you from criminal liability by having user agree to terms and conditions
  • We'll put your custom graphics or logo on the Splash Page at no extra charge
  • We supply the hardware
  • We maintain the hardware
  • We monitor the hardware
  • If the hardware breaks or stops working, we replace it at no charge
  • We provide secure communication
  • All user devices in the network can't see or access each other -
          prevents hackers from 'listening' or getting into your office PC
  • Total solutions start at $260, including first year monitoring and sparing fee

Voucher Usage

  • Your users cannot access internet without a valid voucher
  • You have control over the use and duration of vouchers through our web site
  • You can print vouchers on Avery business card stock
  • May be used with all other Packages except Splash Page Protection
  • Priced as little as $80 per year

Pay Per Use

  • You don't have to interface with credit card transactions, we take care of everything
  • Customers can use all major credit cards including American Express, Discover and PayPal
  • You decide how much to charge or you can use our guidelines
  • Charge by the hour, day, week or whatever you choose
  • 2 Programs available
  • You can get free high speed internet for your office, we take care of everything else at no cost to you
  • Revenue Share - You pay for internet connection and get up to 40% of total revenue - we take care of equipment, monitoring, credit card processing and fees, etc.
  • We can also securely interface to your existing credit card system or security server

Enterprise Level Security

  • Device Coverage - Any device on the network (Win, Mac, iOS, Android, any BYOD)
  • Network Security - Block malware, botnets, phishing and other high-risk sites and locations as well as drive-by exploits, mobile threats & dynamic DNS
  • Web Filtering - Acceptable use or compliance policies enforced by using 60 customizable content categories, and bypass options

DIY Issues

What happens when you have your Nephew 'the IT guy in the family' 
buy an Access Point online or at a box store and hook it up?

  • There are usually massive security issues like - all your back office equipment is exposed to the public like your Office PC and Credit Card machines, POS stations, etc.
  • There are login issues like - customers have to use passwords or passwords don't work correctly all the time.
  • Internet access is unbearably slow, or there are issues with VPN's, etc.
  • You are not protected from Criminal Liability. Anyone can do anything on your wireless network and you could be held responsible.
  • If the Access Point breaks or doesn't work correctly, you have to spend your time troubleshooting it. This also applies to manufactures upgrades, patches, etc.
  • If the access point doesn't cover the area you want it to, you have to figure out how to set up a repeater, and then configure everything.

Our system is truly Turnkey. We take care of everything. 
All you do is plug our router into the Internet router
 supplied by your Internet Service Provider. 
Within 5 to 15 minutes you're up and running.

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